Animals have… No Choice. No Voice. No Vote.

Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL), our 501(c)(4), has sponsored landmark legislation and been the vanguard voice for animals since our founding in 2007. At SCIL we understand what it takes to translate our compassionate values into legislation. By forging relationships between citizen stakeholder groups, government administrators, business leaders, and our elected officials, we have successfully driven legislation to the benefit of our domestic pets, as well as farm and wild animals. We have navigated the political waters in California at the local and state levels. We recognize when small, measured steps are appropriate at the local level or when the time is right for bold action in our state’s or nation’s capital.

Getting legislation passed is by its very nature a political and complicated process. The legislative process requires meeting directly with elected officials to ask them to author, support, and vote on a particular piece of legislation. IRS rules do not allow any funds used directly for “lobbying” to be tax deductible. That is why when you donate to SCIL, our 501(c)(4), your donation is not eligible as a tax deduction. But real policy change cannot happen without lobbying, so we created SCIL as our vehicle to drive our lobbying efforts.

Some of our prominent lobbying successes include:

  • California Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act (SB 1249)
  • Plant Based Meal Options (SB 1138)
  • Pet Rescue and Adoption Act (AB 485) & Local Ordinances
  • Successful Ban on Bobcat Trapping Billboard Campaign
  • Laws Supporting Spay/Neuter Assistance in Low Income Areas
  • Dining with Dogs (AB 1965)
  • Oppose Local Coyote Killing Measures
  • Microchipping Requirement Law (SB 702)
  • Spay & Neuter/Microchipping Law (AB 1634 & SB 250) & Local Ordinances
  • Dogs in Hot Cars Law (SB 1806).

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